Spell checker does not seem to work on SEND, nor does it actually correct anything

I am seeing NONE of the sent emails are spell corrected. This is REALLY a problem for an engineer that can’t spell.

I noticed it first on replies…
There is goes through the motion but does not actually correct the email when complete.

How has this gone unnoticed ?

I think the spell checking is done while composing an e-mail and when you select ‘Tools --> Check spelling’ in the new message window.

I don’t think e-mail is checked automatically when you send it.

Hi, eM Client has only spellcheck not automatic correction.


My complaint was not that it did not auto correct without prompting, but that once it had gone thru all of the changes it did nothing with them in the document.

If what you are saying is that it is not suppose to actually change anything in the document what is the point of a spell checker?


I type speel instead of spell.
I select tool>check spelling

It finds the word speel and gives me the option to replace speel with spell.
when it does replace it does so in the document it has taken into the spell cheker itself.
When all the words are checked. IT NEVER CORRECTS speel in the actual email.
So, then I have to go manually change it in the email. WHY BOTHER.

So, to make sure I understand what you spell checker is intended to do…

It flags the misspelling and makes you MANUALLY go fix those words.

Great spell checker …

I replaced Thunderbird with eM Client, and expected it would have the same spell check feature as TB and even Outlook Express. It underlines a misspelled word but does not offer other spellings. Also, it does not spell check an email before Send. Other email clients spell check after you hit Send, stop at misspelled words, and offer your spelling choices including “ignore, ignore all” and an option to add your word to the dictionary. Hmmm. eM installed and imported my address book, folders, and account info. seamlessly and lightening fast. But the Spell capability is VERY IMPORTANT and it is a missing link in eM. So, do the developers/programmers read these issues/comments? and is there a solution in the works?

John, auto correction, or at least suggested spellings with an option to add your word to the dictionary has been around for years. Spell check should be performed after you hit Send, giving the writer an opportunity to make corrections. I’m disappointed it has not been programmed into eM.

John, I spent some time testing, and Spell Check does identify misspelled words and offers corrections. You can also add words to your dictionary, ignore, replace. You have to hit F7 or Tools-Spell Check BEFORE pressing Send.

Did some testing and Spell Check works quite well. You just have spell check (F7 or Tools -Spell Check) before hitting Send. Other email clients do it upon SEND. eM does it before SEND. All in all, eM is stable and far better than others I’ve tried.

Hi, I’m sorry that you’re not satisfied with our spell check feature, however it’s just a check and it marks the misspelled words.
However if you don’t like the feature you can suggest an improvement for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, subsequent to my original posting, I re-posted that I figured out how Spell Check worked. I think it works “just fine” and better than most. You just have to spell check before Send. Whereas, I was accustomed to pressing Send first. I also appreciate your respectful and humble response. I’m so happy I found eM. I’m switching my husband to eM, too. This is a pleasant forum in which to participate.

Hi Linda, I’m glad you like it, I appreciate the kind word.

Thank you,