Spell Checker disabled?

The real time spell checker, when I am replying to an email, is not working or nothing is detected as mis spelled. I have reviewed the options but nothing seems amiss. Can anyone suggest any other things to check - missing dictionary etc.



I had that issue as well and it was resolved in v8.0.3385.0, assuming you are running v8.

Many thanks, it is fixed with the latest release

Hi I am using version 8.0.3318 (1a4785e) and it is only with this version that the spell checker stopped working. Any ideas? I have tried an update but am told that I already have the latest. I have in the meantime found the latest off the website and spell checker is now working, thanks.

@Brian28 Download the latest version from the following page - https://www.emclient.com/release-history

Already done and spell checker is working again. Thanks for the advice.

Thank you cyberjork, have just done as you said, and it is working again. :grinning:

Thank you, it is working again :+1: