spell check underlining every word, how do i get this to stop and only underline misspelled words?

Hi Risa,

Can you check if the settings for the spell-checker are correct ?

Menu  > Tools  > Settings > General > Spell-Checker and check your language and dictionaries settings.

Yes it seems to happen from time to time. All you have to do is what Digger p suggests and check that your language is checked, and it probably will be, if so, re check it again and it should solve the problem. There is obviously a bug with that, as I have it happen occasionally and even though my language is checked, I need to re check it to fix the problem!!!

To be honest. I turned Spell-checker off, because I write in different languages on the same computer and got fed-up with this.
Now I write peacefully without the visual  distractions.
I let the readers deal with this - call it frustration transference… LOL