Spell Check to Ignore Non-Latin Characters

There have been several requests to support a plurality of languages in eM Client, including simultaneous support for mixed languages in the same message.  Admittedly, that is a bit tough.  However, one improvement that I think would be useful is disabling spell check for characters that are clearly not in the language.

For example, if I type English into eM Client, it properly checks the spelling.  However, if I enter Chinese characters, every single character gets a red underline.  It would be really nice if those would not get underlined.  Is it possible to simply exclude portions of the Unicode character set from being inspected?

Hello, unfortunately Chinese spell check is not supported, you can setup your spell-check preferences in Tools > Settings > Spell-checker, download additional dictionaries from the available list or setup your preferred spell check preference.


I understand that Chinese isn’t supported. However, my point was that the spell checker will still attempt to check any Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or other character. Every single character will have a red underline.

If I turn off the automatic spell checker and run it manually, it still thinks those are errors (understandably), but also thinks the euro symbol (€) is an error.

If we had an option to ignore any Unicode character with a value outside the latin character range, I’d be happy. I’d like spell check to just ignore all of those.

Hello Paul, you can disable the automatic spell checker in the application settings and use spell check only in a separate window, if you’re concerned about the underlined text. However I will suggest an improvement to the developers.