spell check in REPLY does not work

I have just tried to send a reply. The spell checker did underline the misspelling of “achive” but when I hit send it did nothing to fix it.

Then I tried the same message (typing the same reply) and still misspelling “achive” this time I went to Tools>Check spelling and it showed me the word, and I selected the correct spelling tried double clicking on achieve it won’t fix it. I then tried replace and it still won’t fix it. It would move on to the next word that was misspelled.

So at least in reply the spell checker REALLY DOESN’t WORK.

How can I get this fixed.

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Spell checking not working with iphone REPLY.

I just posted about the spell checker not working in reply. Achive is the word that triggered it. I have a little more to add.

  1. When spell checker went on to the next word it did correct it in the document it had in the spell check window, but not in the actual email.

  2. the reply was from an iphone. I find that it works fine with replies to outlook.

So it appears to not be finding the actual word in the email once it has made its decision to correct.

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double spacing in signatures replying to iphone messages.

I had posted a Double Spacing complaint about the signatures. I have fixed the signature by using NotePad and getting it like I want it, and then cut and pasting it to signature in eM Client. That does seem to work fine.


When I respond to an email from iPhone everything is double spaced including the signature. I spend a lot more time fixing these responses and would like to not have to do that. My response tying is fine, but the signature and spaces between the reply and the message are double and very large. It would be nice to be able to not have a double spacing problem. I assume this is a linux to windows problem.

Hi, I have merged all your topics into one, I’ve tried to test it but I was unable to reproduce any of your described issues.

could you send me one or two emails exported into .eml and added as attachment to email on [email protected]?

Also what email provider and protocol do you use?