Speeding up the sync with Gmail

I recently had an issue with slow sync with gmail and emclient.  this is what i came up with to solve the issue.  It took my sync time from 15 minutes to under 1 minute.  It also enabled my emails to load in the preview window faster as resources were not being used up with a constant sync.

How to speed up your
EMClients Sync!


If you are experiencing a slow sync with EMClient, it is most likely due to what is being synced from your GMail account. (Archived Folders)


To choose what will be synced to your EMClient from Gmail, follow the steps below.


  1. Open gmail
  2. go to settings
  3. Click on the labels tab
  4. Scroll down to the section named “Labels”
  5. Uncheck all labels that you do not need to sync with EMClient.   Example: If you have archived folders for previous years, you do not     need to  sync them as they are just for viewing and can be found within gmail.
  6. Open EMClient

If you ever need to see your old archived folders you can always log in to you web client and view them there.  this is a workable solution as archives are normally for future viewing and not editing.

I hope this helps someone out there!!!


Thanks for the heads up. I have made the adjustments as u have suggested. I will keep u posted.