Speeding up eM Client by saving and removing old emails to separate file.

Is there an easy way for me to remove all emails older than e.g. 6 months and save them to an easily accessible file/folder in order speed up my overcrowded eM-Client operation - especially the backups? Do I just then delete the older messages from my eM Client? How would I reload that backup (e.g. to find an old email) without compromising my newer emails? Would eM Client allow me to reload a backup that is so much older than more recent ones? Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi, you can start using eM Client’s automatic archiving which creates a local folder, where you can easily access your emails, if you were about to move them back to the server you can move the whole archive folder onto your account. Otherwise all the mails are included in backup if you’re using the backup feature or the eM client’s directory which is saved locally in your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client.

If you have problems viewing your emails quickly due to a long synchronization you might find “Download messages for offline use” option in tools > Settings, helpful.

Hope this helps,