Speed syncing with IMAP/BT

As of yesterday afternoon, circa 15:00hrs 05/09/2019 the speed syncing with BT using IMAP has become so bad that it can take up to 15 minutes to complete, sitting around waiting for my emails to download and the process to finish is like watching paint dry, does anyone else have this problem. UK Based, BT.

Is this an issue with eM Client, or with BT?

To check if it is BT, connect another email client on the same computer and see what happens.

To check if it is eM Client, you can downgrade to the previous version if you are using 7.2.36465. I don’t recall any comments about speed with BT when using 7.2.35595. To do that, uninstall eM Client making sure to NOT delete the database, then you can download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History.

Many thanks, it’s not EM it’s BT playing silly buggers again, tested on another machine, BT are a liability, it’s still the same and if it remains compromised I shall go back to POP3 which works quite nicely, until BT screw that up !!!

Good to know Steve.