Speed of support for eM Client

I’m a few days into my evaluation of eM Client as an Outlook replacement and there is much to like.  General speed is good and the consolidated view of my 12 inboxes is fantastic!

However, there are a few problems, raised by other users (in some cases over a year ago), that don’t seem to be getting resolved.  I raised one yesterday (Facebook avatar syncing isn’t working) but 24 hours later have had no response.  I have several other issues, all raised by others in the past.

My question is this: how do eM Client’s support staff respond to paying customers’ problems?

My only two requisites for buying software nowadays are: it’s not in early beta/version 0.1 - I want the initial bugs ironed out and the UI and feature set to have matured to a degree.  There’s no question eM Client ticks this box.

Number two is level of support and attitude of support staff.  No problem with attitude judging by the posts on here, but some quite major issues are simply not getting resolved.  Is this different if I pay for a licence?  If so, how?

Anyway, thanks eM Client for a potentially great product!

Hi Nick, free license users are only entitled to a limited support here on the community support forum and the response times may be a little longer, let me introduce myself as a customer and technical support staff here on the forum, I take care and manage this free user side of our support, however I had a few vacation days during the past few days. Response times to new topics are usually short, we try to answer all new queries within 48 hours during business days.

The PRO license support has a similar politics to answer all queries within 24 hours during business days, it also lets you use our priority support ticket system at http://support.emclient.com/ and remote support when troubleshooting.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul and thanks for your response.  I’m realistic enough to realise you can’t support comprehensively a free product, so it’s good that you’re actually on here at all!

With evaluation of such an important tool as an email client, I really need to know that I’m not just going to be spending more time troubleshooting my new software, instead of actually working and sending/receiving emails; hence my post.

As I said, I really like the features of eM Client, particularly the consolidated inbox and single view of all interaction with a contact in the right hand sidebar.  The problems, though, appear to be long-standing, so i’m really hoping to see some resolution before my trial period expires!  I’ll post separately for each issue if that would help.

Hi Nick, there may be some old, forgotten posts here on the forum, but as you mentioned it was not always possible to support the free product. However all new queries now should receive an answer.
If you’re having any kind of issues or questions, let me know I’ll be happy to help. If you’d like to see some of the old posts answered, just redirect it to me and I can give it a proper answer, however most of these were not answered since a lot of things changed in the application since they were posted.

Thank you for understanding,

Rather than resurrecting old posts, I’ll start new ones unless there are recent, ongoing threads on the same subjects.

Thanks for your assistance.

No problem, happy to help.

Thank you,