Specific moving to new computer logistics

I read all the previous questions/answers on this subject and they almost satisfied me. However I want to nail down this one aspect in case of new versions storage specifics of a given version of eM Client and/or OS version.

It would appear that one should install eM Client on the new computer, then examine “where” the eM Client files are stored on said new unit.

Then (in a file handler) to a zip drive etc, copy the “contents” of the old computer’s eM Client storage folder, (on mine apparently it’s
C:\Users\DaveAcer1\AppData\Roaming\eM Client*.*)

Then take to the new computer’s eM Client storage folder using “OVERWRITE” for files of same name ?

Or should we manually rename any old computer files accordingly, that duplicate newly created named files?

This is new to me since with other email apps I just imported them, but there doesn’t appear to be an import for eM Client files.

You know actually “this” is the main reason I would even want to buy a specific email app as opposed to just starting over with whatever MS offered on each platform.

My “main primary” object is to find a stable email app that I can depend on to transfer all email to as I migrate to newer machines and OS platforms.

The problem though as I see now, is that there doesn’t appear to be any actual “folders” when I look at a file handler readout. There are only files, and you can’t really copy anything to a file.

Anyhow hopefully I will get some input soon from the tech folks on this. Until then I will keep experimenting while I have nothing import yet in this new install.

Again to me this is the primary reason for paying money for an email app. To save one from loosing any previous emails as one migrates forward.

UPDATE: see my 3rd post below.

Stats: Running eMClient 5.x.x… on Win7 (64 bit OS on 64 bit machine).

UPDATE: Ok here is what I did, (for experimental purposes)

I first (inside eMClient) imported all my Thunderbird emails so I would have something different than a fresh eMClient install state. Then I closed eMClient.

Then (in a file handler) I copied “all” files in my eMClient storage folder to a temp folder. I deleted the stored eMClient logs folder.

IN my case the eMClient storage folder was,
C:\Users\DaveAcer1\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\

Ok, then I deleted “all” the files left in the original eMClient folder.

I then opened up eMClient to see what it would do. It ran and popped up asking me about account data which I ignored and skipped, did the same when asked about imports. Just kept going till it finally opened to the default install state folders, and the one inbox msg saying I had 14 days to decide if I wanted to register eMClient.

Everything seemed to running with no errors.

I then closed eMClient and then (in a file handler) copied all my temp saved files back to the same original eMClient storage folder said above. I then got a msg asking me “If I wanted to overwrite existing files with the same name ?”

I chose “YES” to overwrite all the existing files.

I then opened eMClient, it ran and opened everything back up as it was before I deleted the storage files.

This works without a flaw on the version stats shown at the beginning. It would seem prudent though that eMClient would have a Menu to “Restore” or maybe add to the “Import” so all this could be done by eMClient with one click and telling it “where” the files were backed up.

Or at least have my file handler process described in the help files under “Moving to new machine, platform or hard drive”.

This is a great email product but is lacking in this crucial area (imho).

In fact, you can use the Backup/Restore function under the menu File. It will do exactly the same you did.

Oh, well thanks, that’s fantastic. I got that manual method off the forum. I surmise that user had not done a backup ?

RWB: Thanks for your concise information.  I had a system board die in the laptop, no time for backup and restore.  Your manual instructions were priceless!!!