specific email not received

I have version 7.2.36908.0 of eMclient. I have followed the usual step of temporarily disabling the anti-virus and this did nothing, I am not receiving a very important and specific email. Please assist ASAP

Open the web interface for your email provider and check if the message is there. If it is not, then it is not possible for eM Client to download it.

You might also want to check in the spam/junk folder and see if it has been moved there by your server.

I attempted both solutions with no success. Actually I solved the problem last night when someone came over for personal business and we used cell phone’s to solve the problem. It is conceivable that there was no problem with eMClient in the first place. I sent a pic to her phone and then put it where I needed the pic. 

Thanks once again for your assistance, Gary

Vince Davis