Special characters not displayed correctly in e-mail messages

Hi, when i receive emails with special characters like (ç, ~, ^, etc…) they are not correctly displayed, being replaced by “?” characters. I’ve checked my emails directly on my email provider website and with other email clients and there’s no problem with them, it just happens with eM Client. Is there a way to solve this?
Thank you and regards.

Same problem here with all my german and french emails. Disappointing to read that a lot of people have the problem and it has not been solved for 2 years. Would pay 500 EUR for an email client that works in the business. Every software has problems and at the end you end up back at Outlook


“Every software has problems and at the end you end up back at Outlook”

A large factor in numerous things not being fixed is that eM Client
"didn’t stick to their knitting " …

This is a small company with a development team to match.
They diverted their already strained resources and an ill-conceived notion to
develop a Mac version.
Never mind that the potential Mac userbase is only a fraction of that of Windows users.

It took at least 4 years to accomplish and produce a reasonable Mac version.

In the meantime development on the Windows version was excruciatingly slow.

In my opinion they will never recoup the Mac developments costs and in the meantime lost potential Windows users…

eM Client will never be a replacement for Outlook. never mind the hype.
It just doesn’t have the scope (breadth an depth) of the Outlook client.

This is not to malign eM Client - It has it’s own place in the market,
but not as an equal to  Outlook.
but I give them credit for trying…

Anyway, spend some time at the forum and you’ll get a good idea…