Spamihilator - How to setup imap

anyone got spamihilator working with imap?

Maybe anybody around could tell me how to set it up?!

martes 19 julio 2022 :: 1705hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Jay_Dean

I guess what you are really asking ¿how do I configure to work server side?
Unless you have access to your mailserver to install server side, if this is in fact possible, there really is no point using Spamihilator with IMAP.
They claim on their site that it does work with IMAP, however, before you go ahead you should ask very specific questions.
If you have access to your mailserver and Spamihilator does work serverside, ask them how to setup.
We use Mailwasher Server - they will do the whole setup for you if you can not do it yourself.
You can view Mailwasher at:

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