every time i try and sent an email with an attachment its stopped by em client saying that it contains spam

That is unfortunate. Can you please post the full error?

Does eM Client check for spam? I don’t think so.

It does Hans - to a degree. By default the spam filter to check for X-Spam in the header is active, and once you have added any addresses or domains to the blacklist, that will also count as checking for spam.

These only apply to incoming emails unless you have modified the rules, that is why it would be useful to see Michael’s full error to see what is happening.

ah, yes, I know about the black list.

But I understood of the original post that eM Client is checking the contents and attachments of an e-mail when you want to send and e-mail, and I don’t think eM Client does that.

Ordinarily it does not do this to sent email. Therefore if Michael could provide more info on this error we could see where the problem is.

eM Client does not check for SPAM when sending email. The message is declined by your mail server. Make sure to contact your mail provider about this issue.

error message is  following reason:"5A24372809DCAB23 message content rejected due to suspected spam OB703 hope this helps