Spam like characteristics

Agh I’m being driven mad, my emails won’t send because I am getting a message from eM client that they have “spam like characteristics”.
It is driving me mad.
What can I do?
I am not a computer person but I do know how to send an email, so please keep any suggestions relatively comprehensible to a lay person.

You could try stopping anti-virus and vpn apps…
If that does not work then try contacting your mail provider to determine what steps you need to take …

Why do you think it is from emclient? I wasn’t aware that emclient checks messages for spamlike characteristics.

Try sending the simplest message possible, say just test in the subject and testing sending in the message. Is it blocked? If so, then the issue is not the message but rather something about your to and from addresses. For example, having the return address different from the from address. Having something faulty in your email hosts configuration?

Does webmail work? Then I’d try having a chat about your exact configuration with your email host (the smtp server) and see if they can figure out what’s going on.

Can I thank everyone who has helped me on this. I wish I was more computer literate, but you are absolutely right, this isn’t because of eM client! It’s my email host if that makes sense to you computer people out there. Thanks again.

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