Spam handling


I’m not sure how Spam handling is supposed to work. All my mail goes to a global Inbox. I mark Spam with “Move to Spam”. em Client then moves them to the Junk-E-mail folders of the individual accounts - where they are still marked as unread. I have to empty several Junk folders, to get rid of them! is this standard procedure?

I’d like to suggest global Spam and Trash folders and the option to mark Spam as read by default.

I found that Custom Search folders are only a partial solution to this.

in the version 3.1 there will be also global Junk E-mail and Trash folders (by which you can handle all your wanted emails at once) and also empty trash & junk on exit feature in the version 3.2 of eM Client.

that’s good news, thanks Gabriel - now I’d only like to know, when the new versions will be available??

Version 3.1 is now in faze of internal development and testing and will be released in couple of weeks. Version 3.2 will be released approximately in autumn.

amazing, thank you.