Spam from 'Bitcoin'

I’m getting lots of spam mails from ‘Bitcoin’, each time from a different address and domain. I keep moving the mails to Junk and blacklisting the domain but, of course, the address and domain keep changing with every new mail. However, is there a way of blacklisting the FROM address (i.e. ‘Bitcoin’)? That’s the only bit which is constant. Would appreciate any advice please.



It’s more effective to reject that trash at the source - on the server.
Apart from that - Your email provider must have a lousy spam filter.

Yes, you can make rules to move mail with “Bitcoin” in the subject or body of the email,
but I found that eM Client is not as effective as eg MailWasher and and the mail has already been downloaded to your computer.

With MailWasher you only downoad the clean mail via eM Client.

Yes an extra step. - try MW and see if it’s worth the extra step

Thanks Digger - I’ll try that…