Spam folder renamed to Junk E-mail

I am using Google’s gmail spam filtering and [gmail]/Spam folder. In eM Client, the folder is being displayed as [Gmail]/Junk E-mail.

Any way to stop this odd behavior and display the folder correctly?

  1. Android gmail app - spam
  2. Android k9 app - spam
  3. Web gmail - spam
  4. Every Windows client I’ve ever tried (Postbox, Outlook, etc.) - spam
  5. eM Client - Junk E-mail
    …makes for an uneven experience)

I am not sure what Outlook you have tried, but in Outlook it is named “Junk email”.…

So, even forgiving that your response is not at all an answer (rather it is a “well they do it too” finger pointing), the answer you gave isn’t even correct…

What Outlook (ref. 2007) does is CREATE a “Junk-Email” folder. You still have, and can use, the Gmail “spam” folder; however, Microsoft has hard coded the application to use and create Junk-Email for local and Exchange based mail filtering. While it cannot be permanently deleted, what can be done is to log into Gmail and choose to hide the Label (uncheck “Show in imap”) that Outlook creates, which in turn will remove it from the folder list for that account. Granted, it is annoying that nothing can be done about it’s creation, but once it is hidden from imap and web, it no longer appears anywhere.

To reiterate: What emClient does is alter the name’s appearance to be “Junk E-mail” instead of “spam”. While purely cosmetic, it creates and inconsistency between displays of different access methods of Gmail.

I am sorry for this misunderstanding. I did not notice, that you are referring to the Google spam folder. You are right, it is an inconsistency, but on the other side - spam folder names are consistent within the program.