Spam Folder can't be empty


Updated to the last emclient release from 6

Empty command on Spam Folder does not work as previous messages that were present in 6 apparently are still there. I wan’t delete these messages either.

That makes me think of something i have on all emclient releases : deleted folders are in trash and they can’t be deleted from trash. I mean i can empty trash from messages but not from folders


what accounts does the Spam folder issue happen on? Were these messages pulled back from Trash, perhaps?

As for the Empty folder option on the Smart folders Trash, this has been already added to our Feature request list, so it will be implemented in the future.


Hi, it’s a gmail imap account.
I’m not sure, if i remember well, messages were already present in release 6, apparently marked as read only in release 7 :slight_smile: as i can’t empty the spal folder but also can’t mark as read  unread messages in there.

Not sure what you mean by smart folders, my emclient language is french, but i work directly on gmail folders not unified folders.

For trash, i just want to delete folders from the trash folder, afaik it’s not a trash smart folder

By the way, on the right click menu, mouse over the “categories” entry drive a freeze and no other choice than killing emclient.

I precise : empty the spam folder command works well for new incoming spam messages but for the older messages (when i upgrade from 6 to 7)      which sty forever in spam, whatever read or unread.

Precision 2 : i cant even delete messages from trash, this has no effect

please make sure to download the latest available version of eM Client from our website. The current version is 7.0.26482.0

Yes, the Smart folders are the ones that unify the Special folder for all accounts.
I misunderstood your problem with deleted folders. I am afraid that this can be an issue cause by the mail server which will not allow the folders to be deleted. Make sure there are no subfolders for the folders there and try to delete each one of them manually.
Is there any error message in the Menu>Tools>Operations>Error window when you try to delete folder/message?

If your eM Client freezes when you try to change the category, please download this eM Client tool and when it freezes, run it a few times and send the created text files to with a link to this forum thread.



Well deleted folders, so present in trash from which empty command does not make folders to disappear, is a problem i presented as a side note at the end of this ticket first message.
To be clear, it’s not the reason why the ticket has been submitted. Just note that this folder problem exist for all emclient releases.

The reason this ticket has been created does not exist for all emclient releases but only for transition of emclient 6 to 7. It’s about this :

“Empty command on Spam Folder does not work as previous messages that were present in 6 apparently are still there. Some message are read, some unread, but whatever I can’t delete these messages, i can’t mark them as read or unread, i can emty the spam folder for new spam messages but the ones which already existed in spam folder before my upgrade look like untouchable…”

I already update emclient to release 7.0.26482.0 once it were published.