Spam FIlter Rule

Given that any spam filtering is done on the server side, what does the Spam Filter rule (Tools > Rules menu) do in a POP3 account?  Thanks.

I believe that eM Client has a set of rules (you can’t actually see them) to try to identify spam that is sent to you. When the email is downloaded to your PC via eM Client, it will try to identify spam and move that to your spam folder.

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Hello G S,
the eM Client rules are secondary and are applied AFTER the server rules.
So when the message is downloaded from the POP server, eM Client does another check and puts the message in your locel Spam/Junk folder if it’s detected as such.


I accidentally removed this rule while creating my own. Is there any way to get it back?

Yes, go to Menu > Tools > Rules. Create a New Rule. Choose Move spam messages to spam folder. Click Finish.

Doh! I completely missed the obvious. Thanks!