Spam emails with no sender

Hi. Like a lot of people it seems, I am receiving quite a bit of Spam into my Inbox which has no sender. How these emails are sent with no sender I have no idea. I need to be able to set up a rule for these emails to automatically delete them. How can I do this? I cannot use “create rule based on from” because there is no ‘from’ and it seems impossible to create any kind of rule when there is no sender.
I’ve researched this online and 2 solutions are:

  1. In Rules Exceptions add an option “except with specific words in the sender’s address”. This allows to enter “@” as the word thus filtering out all emails with no address.
  2. Add a Rules option to delete any email which has no sender’s address, which sounds like the easiest fix.
    Does anyone have an existing solution to this problem? If not, can something be added to eM as soon as possible please.
    Thanks for your help.

Out of curiosity, is there a “From” line in the message header that starts with "From: "? If so, is there any verbiage attached?

There is no “From” line at all. I don’t understand how the emails get through. I suspect the spammers have found a way of hiding the information from the recipient’s view somehow.

Just to be sure, did you look at the header using: Right-click on an unopened email in the email list and clicked on “View mail header”?

(2) Do you see any commonality in the spam messages header info with regard to
‘TO’, ‘FROM’, ‘SUBJECT’ or body?

The email server itself should be handling these emails especially if there is a missing from. Have you contacted your email provider to ask why those type of emails are going into your inbox and not into a spam folder or rejected? You shouldn’t need to try to manage them in eM Client but that should be handled on the server side.

“View mail header” gives varying results. Sometimes (usually) no information is provided because there is no header. Sometimes the emails provided in the header shown are obviously spoofed in some way because they do not work in a Rule.
There is no commonality other than they usually have my email address in “to”, although not always.
Thanks for your interest.

The main provider is Microsoft and there is online evidence to show that they are not particularly responsive in this matter to earlier support messages. This seems to not be a new issue and goes back quite a long time, it just has not affected me until a few weeks ago. I have another email address (unused) which is not Microsoft but is also affected.
I take your point about the provider sorting it out but firstly I will get nowhere with Microsoft. Secondly, other email clients have more comprehensive Rules management and I do not think it would be a bad thing if eM followed suit. Thanks for your interest.

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