Spam Control in eMClient

Using emClient for a number of years but wondering if there is a better way to control spam. I use the in built ‘mark as spam’ etc. but still get way too much.
I was looking at SpamWasher and similar software but can’t find anything that integrates with eMClient.
Does such software exist? TIA

lunes 15 enero 2024 :: 1329hrs (UTC +0100)

eMC does not have a specific anti-spam feature and relies upon your email provider to identify and block Spam and in so doing Spam should go to Junk in eMC.
As far as I am aware there is nothing that integrates with eMC to solve the issue.
The steps you can take are dependant on the email service you have, if IMAP you can user server side anti spam software (the best solution) a search will show a number of possibilities; if you have POP3 you can install local software, again a search will show options.
Here is a link to a site claiming to show the best for 2024, one of the options mentions eMC.



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