Spam caught by Gmail in my eM Client inbox

I keep getting a few spam emails in my eM Client Inbox that Gmail catches and sends to its Spam folder. Why are some getting through?
I’m using POP3 to download emails from Gmail.
Thanks in advance for any help.

If you are asking why spam sometimes ends up in your inbox, then that can happen due to the way certain emails are written where the Gmail spam filter doesn’t allways pickup or determine they are spam so they can stay in your inbox.

No spam detection filter is 100%.

If you get the odd spam mail in your inbox, go online to your Gmail inbox and you place a check next to that spam email in your inbox and click “Report Spam” icon on the toolbar above.

(Google Visual animated demonstration of how to report spam sender using your computer).

Thanks for the reply.

Actually Gmail does catch it. I see them in my eM Client Inbox and then I go to Gmail to “Report Spam”, but it’s already in Gmail’s Spam folder.

Could it be that I’m fetching the emails before Gmail catches it?