Source for widgets?

When I look to add widgets, I find only one in the Widgets section. How do I find additional widgets? I used to have more of them on previous em client versions and seem to recall finding some online to download, but I’m not having any success finding them now.

Does anyone know of a source for downloading widgets?

Hi, you should be able to add to widgets random RSS feed or add random website you want to watch in eM Client.


I think you misunderstood my question. I know how to add widgets. What I’m looking for is a source for widgets. I remember having one that would delay the sending of emails. I am looking for a source for things such as this.


I have been informed that we never had widgets like this, do you mean by any chance addons for other email client?

Our widgets are designed to use them as RSS and Website reader.


You’re right!! What a newbie I am! I was thinking of my previous email client, Zimbra, which has add-ons called “Zimlets”. I apologize for wasting your time on this. Thank you for your support and follow-up.

Hi Jan,

I did not know that I can see web sites inside of eM Client…but why would I do that?

Normally I’m reading web sites in Internet Explorer.

Do you have some suggestions of web sites which might be useful to see within eM Client?

you are welcome, and it is okay this forum is for people like you when someone needs to ask :slight_smile:


Some users might find it simpler not to switch between browser and client, but you can view your predefined site together with RSS reader so it might be used as some kind of “information aggregator” .