Hi I used to love EM Client until the Version 7 arrived. Sorting emails by “FROM” Received or anything is a insanely confusing. It used to be much simpler in Version 6. 

Version 7 merges all your emails (sent, replies and forward) into one, creates huge headache specially if your looking for specific emails.

Even reading through old email thread is a pain as you have to click old emails one by one hoping you can find the right one.

PLease please EM Client bring back the easy version.
Sometime you do not need to change something when its not broken.

Thank you,

I don’t like it also. I put 6 back after lost every setting. thank god I had a backup.

Hi Guys,
Finally got it ! Go to Menu, View, Conversations and disable conversations.


Sounds like it would have been less confusing for users going from 6 to 7 to have left the default settings the same.  Might not matter so much for new users, but then many would never learn about their conversations mode?!  

So, what to do?  Perhaps a tutorial could be created to show the basic differences between 6 and 7.  What’s new in 7 and where the regular stuff can be found that was in 6, that sort of thing.