Sorting mail. IMAP or local folders?

I’m having quite a few slowdowns lately using emClient and I’m wondering if I’m using it right.

(I must point out that I come from Mail (apple) and I love smart folders, although I already know that they do not exist in emClient, a great shame)

I use an IMAP account, and I need quite a few folders in which to classify my emails received and sent to suppliers. I did this before in Mail (Apple) using hot folders and it worked very well. In emClient I do it through folders created in the IMAP account and email rules, I have been doing it for about 7 months with good results although it involves more work (creating incoming and outgoing rules) but apparently it consumes more resources on the server and in the tasks synchronization.

If I’m not mistaken, when creating folders on the IMAP account they are also created on the mail server. This has the advantage that my email on IOS has the same folders (not exact unfortunately). But I wonder if this is optimal or if creating local folders (on my Mac) with your mail rules could speed up the application’s performance and offload processes to the server.

Excuse my Google translation