Sorting emails by received doesn't show who it's from...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to sort my emails by when they were received and have them display correctly. As it currently stands, whenever I sort by received it will show my name in every email preview instead of the sender. 

If I sort by ‘from’ then the sender is in the preview, but now the messages are not in order of received.

Is it possible to have email sorted by ‘received’ and have it show the sender in the list rather than my name? (This is what I’m referring to. I have no idea who sent the email unless I actually open it up)

Hello Ryan,
this is a strange issue and I am not able to recreate it, can you share more details?
What version of eM Client does this happen with? Full number is in Help>About section.
Does the same happen with the full column view?
Could you perhaps screenshot the Column configuration window?
What account does this happen with?
Thank you.


Hi Olivia,
I’m on version 7.0.27943.0
I’m unsure what you mean by full column view?

Here’s a snip of my column configuration window. I also showed how my emails come in if you take a look at the background. The top email was from you, but it has my email address in the preview. The second email was from Apple, but it also shows my email address. (I think it’s showing my email address instead of my name, like it does in the above picture, since I had the ‘Show email address in email header’ box checked. I have now turned that off since that didn’t change anything. 

I’m using a gmail account.