Sorting e-mails by size


I recently started to use eM Client and I really like it. But one feature I miss (at least I have not found that option) compared to other clients that I have used is the possibility to sort e-mails by size. That is a nice feature to find and delete large e-mails.

Right click on column header, select column configuration, check “Size”, you can then sort by size.

Thanks! I thought I did check the column configuration but I must have missed it.

I have the latest em Client v7.0.26482.0 and this feature seems to be missing. Size column is not offered in configuration dialog. Is this a bug or someone thought that this is actually a good idea?!

BTW, I’m using IMAP account so maybe it has something to do with that, but it was working on version 6.

P.S. I’ve just found the answer. 
Size column is not available when the conversation view is enabled - and it is enabled for some reason by default. :S