Sorting by Flag > Tag > Received

Dear team,

I was wondering how the feature “secondary sort” works the right way.
I am struggling with it for quite some time now…

What I woul like to achieve for my Inbox is:

  • right on TOP there should appear the “flagged” ones
  • right next there should appear the “tagged” ones
  • and afterwards all the rest
    …all ideally sorted by the newest “received date”

This does almost the trick (all “not flagged ones” appear from newest to oldest):

  • Sorted by “Flag” / Ascending
  • Secondary sort by “Received” / Descending

When I switch the secondary sort to “Tag” / Descending though, it changes the sorting of the “not flagged and not tagged ones” from oldest to newest. Looks like a bug to me?

Any help/idea/suggestion?

All best,

Today after the update I was trying out some other options / investigating if this is possible now (= it is not), and suddenly while hovering over the “Sorted by”-bar, all my flags got deleted!!! I did not click anything, maybe pressed by accident the mouse button, but there is no option to remove/delete all flags on the bar!? How could that happen? Worst thing though is, there is no option to UNDO this… Or is there one?