Sort order - Unread Folder

I like sorting unread messages by Folder, but would like the option to view those sorted messages (within the Folders) from oldest to newest, rather than newest to oldest. I thought I remembered a previous version did this by default (either beta 1 or 2). But RC is newest to oldest by default.

Is there any way to do this?

Hi, go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Read in “message list” part switch “set date sort order:” to "new messages in the bottom.


Thanks John… but I was wanting to change the order ONLY in the unread folder… not all folders.

I did find a workaround. I use your method and then go to the individual inboxes and reverse the sort order using the up and down arrows at the top of the listing…

This way I have oldest-to-newest in the unread folder and newest-to-oldest in the inboxes.

thank you for this workaround, some users might find it helpful as well :slight_smile: