Sort by date (Conversations) like Windows LIve Mail

Is it possible (or will it be soon) to have the email view sorted by conversation like Windows Live Mail is able to?

See Screen Shot:

]( “Link:”)

Well a conversation is basically a group of messages with the same subject, so why not sort by subject?

Thanks, but your suggestion didn’t provide the magic.  See screen shot…

Well, your screen-shot shows the messages sorted by Received, not by Subject.

You need to select Subject as the primary sort option, not the secondary.

Nope, no magic there :frowning:

While it does Group the Subjects, the Dates are all over the place.

One reason, from what I can see from your screen-shot, is that eM Client does not see those two as the same conversation anyway. But if the list is sorted by subject, they should at least be together, even if they are not a single conversation.

Thanks.  Yes the Subject is grouped together In Alphabetical order when Sort by Subject is the Primary. The Secondary Sort set as Received doesn’t seem to arrange the Primary Group by date. (from the latest email in the group)

Screen Shot  :slight_smile:

So, is there a way to have Sort by Received and Grouped by Subject?

As to have the newly received mail shown in order, and the Grouped Subject to also be shown to when the last mail was received… if that makes sense (see 1st post)

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