Sometimes "Export" exports too much at one time

Suppose you have more than one email account and want to export all messages in only one of them.

You can select the  Check all  option in the  Export  dialog. It’s certainly a fast way to select all messages.

Problem: If you “check all,” eM Client exports all messages in all accounts.

There is a slow way to do it: Within the  Export  dialog, expand the account in question and check each folder’s check-box — one at a time. If you have a lot of folders, this involves a lot of mouse clicks. It can take a long time and can become quite tiring.

I think there could be a fairly simple solution here: The user selects one of the email accounts within the dialog box — by single-clicking it, to highlight it.

Then selecting  Check all  would select all messages only for the highlighted email account — not all of the accounts. This would not involve any change in the UI.

OR, update the dialog by having a check-box next to each email account’s name. This would signal unambiguously that you’d selected (a) particular account(s). Thereafter, clicking  Check all  would make it clear: “Perform this operation only on the explicitly selected email account(s).”

If you wanted to export messages from more than one account, you’d select more than one, via check-box.

OR, select  Check all and then click Next. Immediately the program would query with a dialog that enabled you to select, via check-box, the specific email accounts in which you want to “check all.”