Someone can answer me????? Font in the head of answer/forwarding

Good morning,
this is the fourth time I try to receive an answer, is impossible that nobody has the same problem.
I would like to buy your software, but, before, I want to have an answer!
How is possible, in case of answer or forwarding of an email, maintain, in the line _ From, To, Sent  and  Subject, _ the font selected by the sender (original font) and not use the font that the user has selected for new message (in my case Cambria)? 
Thanks in advance, Alessandro

If you buy em you get a awnser faster, then you have pro support.
This is for free users.
Repost your question is not a good thing to.

Using pro support only helps them to keep the problems covered up. The code for the free and pro app are exactly the same and if they can’t solve the problems for the free users they equally cannot solve the pro user’s problems.
I have three pro licences and still post here, because I want to make a public statement.
As Steve Thackery wrote so appropriately a few days ago “it’s an email programme for goodness’ sake, it isn’t rocket sience”.  What takes them two months from beta to not even a release candidate?
Are they preparing for the 1st of May parade on the central square of Prague?

Ok, sorry Lieven. 
But I cannot buy a product if I don’t have the certainty that it goes well for me.
In the answering and forwarding of the email, how can be used the same sender font even in headers?
Can I send you a photo to explain what I mean?

Ever considered trying an alternative (free) email client while you wait for emClient Inc. to acknowledge your request? Maybe you could very well live without emClient’s answer.

You’re right Peter.I’d like to use this client because, unfortunately, W10 doesn’t recognize Windows Mail (my favourite email client) as client for the MAILTO protocol 
I think that I must select another client… 

> No!
Using pro support only helps them to keep the problems covered up.

Oh, come on. That’s just silly. I purchased the program and found that Tech Support’s response was very quick and they made every effort, quickly , to solve the problem I had. This forum we’re in right now is not intended to provide that level of response and the company has never claimed otherwise.

You’ve made your position clear enough: You’re in the forum to “make a public statement” — apparently to steer people away from using eM Client. This has pretty well compromised your own credibility here. I respectfully suggest that from now on readers take Mr. Funken’s advice, such as it is, with a hefty dose of salt (excepting of course those on a salt-free diet, in which case an appropriate salt substitute is recommended).