Someone can answer me????? Font in the head of answer/forwarding

Good morning,
this is the fourth time I try to receive an answer, is impossible that nobody has the same problem.
I would like to buy your software, but, before, I want to have an answer!
How is possible, in case of answer or forwarding of an email, maintain, in the line _ From, To, Sent  and  Subject, _ the font selected by the sender (original font) and not use the font that the user has selected for new message (in my case Cambria)? 
Thanks in advance, Alessandro

Hello Alessandro,

Where exactly do you want to keep the font chosen by sender, could you please send me a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Hi Russel and thanks.
Of course, can I have your email address?

Send it to
Thank you

Thanks Russel, I’ll send you the pics this evening.
I really want to buy EM software, because I’ve 6 accounts to manage, but I’ve to solve this problem.

Hi Russel, I sent you the pics.
Let me know, thanks!