Some times, when I print the email, it just prints a blank page

Just like it said in the title, there are occasions where it just prints a blank page, not even the header is printed. It’s just annoying, because I never know if it’s going to print or not.
I’m using the latest version (6.0.22344.0).

Hello Denis, please make sure you’re using the latest release of eM Client on your computer and that your Internet Explorer is updated to the latest release as well, since eM Client is using some of the system components in order to handle printing features, I’m afraid this might be more of a system issue.

Are you able to replicate the issue, is it possible the empty page was printed as a second page of one of your printed message? 


It happened a lot last week. I just prints one page, just like the email would, but it’s blank. If I try again, it prints normally. I’ll check what you pointed as a possible cause and will give the feedback.

Hello Paul, I’ve checked and the Internet Explorer that I’m running is the I.E 11 and it’s up-to-date. I’m running Windows 8.1 PRO x64, and the latest version of Em Client (there is no update available), and the problem persists…

Hello again Denis, I’m afraid this is more likely a system issue, please check if you’re able to print out of the “Print preview” feature, which should always display the content. If this window can display the content I’m afraid there’s nothing else we could check as the printing feature is using a system component.

You can try to replicate the issue using IE when it occurs, to determine if this might be a system problem and possibly report it to microsoft’s support.