Some questions by a new user

I have these questions (or proposals, as the case may be):

  1. Can I switch the AM/PM time display to 24h display (my PC is on 24h display)?
  2. Most tasks do not require start time / due time. Can that be switched off?
  3. Most tasks do not require a start date either (just due date). Possible?
  4. Calender entries require a start/finish time of minimum 1 min. Some entries
    need just “a time”?

Hello Peter,

  1. I guess you are using Windows XP. This is problem of the short/long time properties implemented in XP. Solution for you would be upgrading to Windows Vista/Seven where it works correctly.

2.,3.,4. You can switch that off individually per task. I can add global option of switching off required time/date at tasks and calendar entries at our official feature requests list.