Some of the emails don't arrive

Hello everyone.

I use EMclient 9.2.1735

I have a business email address.
And I’ve noticed a problem: some emails sent to my email don’t come in.

The problem was noticed by accident because some emails are still coming in.
But it turned out that in this situation some emails are arriving and some are not.

There was no consistency in the emails that came in and those that didn’t.
As a result some important emails were not received.

Please advise where to look and what can be done in this situation.

First obviously check in your eM Client mail account spam / junk folder.

If the missing messages are not in the spam / junk folder, go to “Menu / Rules” and see if any real emails are blocked in there or automatically being moved to a folder after they arrive. You can dbl-clheck on the rules to look inside them.

Also at the top of rules, “there is a drop-down menu” where you can select between Local and Server account rules. So check both areas.

You can also eg: disable / deselect all rules to dbl-clheck it’s not a rule in there causing the problem.

Lastly if the missing messages are not anywhere obvious in eM Client, and no rules local or server setup, then go online to your mailbox via webmail and see if the missing messages are there.