Some new emails won't show with hmailserver?

I’ve had this issue for a very long time but wanted to see if anyone has remedied it. I’m using hMailServer as the host. Sometimes, I will receive a new email and it will show up on all my android email clients, but all my instances of emClient won’t show that particular email. I will see an ellipsis next to “inbox” (indicating that the server has messages), but cannot download them unless I repair the local cache in emClient. I don’t see any errors in any logs (local or on server). I don’t know whether this is an issue with HMS or emClient. Has anyone with this client/server had this issue? Thanks.

I get this same issue, I can however see the emails if I click on All Emails, but they never show up in my inbox or they show up after a rebuild etc. This doesn’t happen with every email, it seems to be related to emails that it thinks are in a conversation (even if they aren’t) and the conversation has been deleted.