Some Messages Not Shown in eM Client

When I opened eM Client today (recent update to v7) I have some folders that are empty. There are actually several messages in each of these empty folders, confirmed by looking at the same folders in Gmail. The messages were all displayed in eM Client yesterday, but are not showing up today. What happened to them?

Hello Mike,
are there any error messages? If so, please copy them.
Have you perhaps moved these messages or removed any labels?

Thanks for  your response. No error messages and I haven’t removed any labels. One day the folders contained messages, the next day those same folders were empty. By marking the messages unread in Gmail I was able to get them to resync to eM Client, but that doesn’t fix whatever problem may exist, and has me concerned about the reliability of the most recent version.

Hello Mike,
that is definitely a curious issue that we have not encountered before.
We will need to see the IMAP logs to find the issue, if it can be replicated.

Go to Menu>Tools>SettingS>Advanced.
Enable IMAP logs.
Restart eM Client.
Replicate the issue or watch for it happening (messages disappearing/reappearing again by marking the messages as unread).
When you do, go back to Advanced section and click ‘Send logs’.
Change the recipient to and add a link to this forum thread to the message.