Some mail not displaying after latest update(6.0.20631.0)

Hi there! I have small group of users testing eM Client with our Google Apps accounts at the moment. Now one of our users upgraded to the latest version this morning, and now their Inbox folder is only displaying 13 emails, but the web interface has 103.

As far as I can tell, his folders display the correct amounts in eM Client, including All Mail. So it’s almost as though the update(or the user) applied a filter of some sort on the Inbox folder.
I’ve added his account to a new instance of eM Client on my machine, also with the latest version, and it works fine.

Unfortunately, this user’s mailbox is pretty big(over 5GB). So I’d prefer not to delete the account and re-add it, if that can be avoided.
If anyone has suggestions, they’d be greatly appreciated.



Hi Matt, is this an issue with just one folder or one account on your domain. If you’re missing some emails in a single folder you can try to use the repair feature, right click the folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button. What the repair button does is that it deletes the content of the folder locally and downloads the content available on the server.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul! Repairing did the trick.

Out of interest though, I have another user that needs to set up an Exchange account to connect via some obscure(to me at least) protocol called “RPC over HTTP”. Unfortunately I have no access nor control over the server, so I can’t change this. 
So is there any way to set this up in eM Client?

Hi, I mentioned this under a different topic, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, the RPC over HTTP connection is supported in Outlook, but not in eM Client.

Thank you,