Some IMAP emails don't show up on Inbox.

Some of my emails (IMAP) don’t show up on eM Client. It shows all my june 20 emails, but then jumps to my May 27 emails, and everything in-between is not shown and not searchable. Using other IMAP clients, like Zimbra, and my webmail client, Roundcube, all emails appear with no problem.

Hi José,

we have seen this problem on servers that support the CONDSTORE IMAP extension for quick mailbox re-synchronization. We are analyzing the root cause of the problem. Also, in version 3.1 we added a way to repair folders that suffer from this issue, but unfortunately that version is still several weeks away.

Best regards,
Filip Navara

Thanks Filip. Sad that the fix is still away in time, I think eM Client is a great product but this bug might keep me using TheBat!, Outlook or Thunderbird at least for now.
If it helps in anyway, I can tell you I have my mail hosted in HostGator servers. I googled “hostgator IMAP CONDSTORE” but nothing showed up.
Thanks and congratulations for your great work!


Thanks for info. Your hosting provider uses the CommuniGate Pro server, which we test against. Hopefully we will find the problem soon.

Seems I’ll be switching to thunderbird in the meanwhile, please post here when you solve this…thanks!