Some ideas for future version

Some ideas:

For future version of eM Client, it should add more functions to make email client more efficiency:

  1. add import/export email account settings like outlook .iaf file
  2. add STOP button at Send and Receive > Operations popup window
  3. when clicking send and/or receive, operations window should popup automatically and can stop at any time when clicking the above added STOP button.
  4. Should add Identity and Switch Identity at the File menu bar for different email users at the same computer using the same eM Client porgram privately.

Thanks eM Client!

Firstly for a free email client this is best, i have tried windows live mail, thunderbird, eudora none seemed as good as this.
a few things for a future version

  1. have to agree with whats written by george, stop button is very useful, at present im going to offline mode to stop downloading
  2. always show tray icon, coz sometimes by mistake i double click the tray icon and the second click activates whatever icon takes emclients place
  3. a very trivial request, ability to change the tray icon

I can’t answer for the other features, but switch identities on the same windows user is something eM not considering. This has being bought up before.

How about adding the translate feature to the inbox and not just forwarded/replied to emails. Sometimes i just want to read a mail and not reply to it.

The client itself is very good and getting better also with every update but it always seems a little buggy or slow compared to TB for example.

Keep up th good work guys.

Love the idea of translator for reading emails…

I think the ability to import .iaf files is most important.
I have saved all my .iaf files from my 7 OE accounts prior to switch from win xp to win 7, I cant’ remember all the passwords and setting parameters, now tha I want to use eM, I can’t import these files, so some of these accounts I just can’t use them and that’s a pity!

But you can import all your Outlook data in eM Client…also your e-mail accounts from Outlook.

Off topic: I would suggest to buy a ‘password manager’, which enables you to store passwords.

yes, but they get all mixed up, I mean, with OE I had different identities, each one with a specific account. with eM I can have different accounts which all appear simultaneously on the left, but when I import old messages from the different accounts, all the messages get mixed in one folder ‘local folder/incoming messages’ , so it’s a mess for me, since I see all the messages from different accounts mixed up in one folder
unfortunately this seems to be the today default for email clients, seems even thunderbird and windows mail live has the same behaviour. I have to test outlook and Incredimail now…

Really annoying thing that was working much better in OE is keyboard buffer.

In Outlook Express you could press Reply or New message and you could start typing immediately. All the keystrokes were saved into memory and when the dialog finally appeared all the typed characters were there, none was lost.

In case of eMClient it sometimes takes 1-2 seconds for dialog to appear and half of the typed characters are lost.

So if you can’t have eMclient faster at least make sure the keyboard buffer is starting to record from the moment when you press “Reply” or “New”.

This is quite important consideration for heavy email users.


Hi Fabrizio,

I can see all my incoming e-mails combined in ‘Smart folders --> all inboxes’, but I don’t have a ‘local folder/incoming messages’ folder.

I also still can see the incoming e-mails for each specific account, by selecting that specific account in the left bar and selecting it’s ‘inbox’ folder.

you mean the new incoming mails, but I’m addressing the import of old emails from OE, they are imported all in one folder even if they come from different accounts, I i just tried with 2 of my accounts and this is what happens.