Some Gmail sub labels do not sync

Most of my email is synching to my EM client. There are two sub-labels taht are not synching to EM client. I cannot see those labels in EM client. Any idea this might happen?

It may be that they are not available for IMAP in your Gmail settings.

Open webmail and go to Settings > Labels. If they are not ticked there, they won’t be in eM Client.

In this example I have unticked the spam label, so I don’t see the Junk folder for this account in eM Client.

Thanks for your suggestion. It almost worked after I moved the label from a sub-label to main label. I got the sub label to show but couldnt get the messages attached to that labels to download into EM client. A folder mapping the label was created on the EM client but there were no messages in it. What else can I try?