Some feedback for the Android app (particularly tablet/DeX)

First, I just want to say to the devs that the Android app is an incredibly good launch, you guys did amazing work and should be proud. It gives a lot of other long-running email apps a run for their money.

First, I use two IMAP email accounts side by side for work. One for my “personal” email, and the other for a shared inbox that myself and other employees use. It would be nice to be able to specify the default sent-from account. That is, when responding to mails in the “shared” inbox, I need messages sent from my personal account, so that future replies come back to me and not into the shared inbox. In eM Client, it can be changed on each message when replying, and there is a default account for composing new messages, but that’s all I can find. So far, Outlook is the only email app on Android that supports this as a default setting, although its implementation is broken and it does not mark replied messages as, well replied.

More importantly, I almost exclusively use my IMAP email on Android using Samsung DeX, which is largely just putting apps into large display format, like a tablet. However, scrolling in the body of emails seems to be completely broken. It ignores the mouse wheel and you can’t even click and drag to scroll. So, that makes it a total show-stopper unfortunately. There are some other issues that are likely related to this, like it seems I’m unable to open attachments by clicking their chip in the header area. In fact, the entire body seems to ignore mouse clicks. You can scroll the message list by clicking and dragging, but it also ignores the mouse otherwise.

Less of a show-stopper but still a minor annoyance: when composing or replying to messages, it initiates a “full screen” reply window. Other apps that support multi-window, like Samsung’s Email, Microsoft Outlook, Chrome, and others, will pop up a floating window for replies, just like a desktop app would have.

It’s also worth mentioning that Google appears to be preparing support for a native multi-window/desktop mode for Android 15, so I do think this is a growing use-case that’s worth putting a little bit of polish into, especially for how close it already is!

One more minor annoyance is that every single message seems to be tagged with NonJunk on my inbox. Not sure if this is thunderbird or our email server adding the tags or what, but I’ve only EVER seen this on eM Client, both for Windows and Android. It would be nice to have an option to hide this, at least.

Thanks for reading!