Some Feature Request - Folders, Style, Calendar and more

Here some Feature Request u might keep an eye on.

1. Calendar
The mini calendar is really mini. Could be a little bigger.
If you add an appointment to the calendar, this should also be marked in some way into the mini calendar.
Adding the week numbers could be smaller in big calendar and in mini calendar they shoud be visible at all

2. Account Folders
As a user i should have the possibilitiy to arrange and sort my folders/Accounts from the Main View directly. Not only within the Setup Menu. Also Folders/Subfolders within an account should be able to arrange.
Favorites should be Sticky. I have 4 Email Accounts. If i expand all of them and scroll down to the latest folder the “Favorites” are not visible anymore.
Adding a feature with the choice to make them sticky or not would solve some visibilty and working probs

3. Style
Its added a possibility to change a Style to your own needs but gosh, its complicated and user-unfriendly as hell. Why not adding a small and neat Style Editor?

4. Weather on Calendar
This could be more visible. There is enough space before the big calendar. Why not placing the Weather forecast on top/before the calendar?!

5. Sounds
Not really everyone likes the notification sounds at all. Why not adding a setup into menu where to edit the sounds?

6. Watch for Reply
Nice Feature but some of my clients need longer then a week to reply so " Notify me when not Replied" should have a calendar to choose when/on what Date i will get a notification.

Hope some from Team will take notice of this post and we, maybe, will see some/all request soon???