some emails offline

running latest client with a gmail account IMAP’d
some emails are offline and need to be manually downloaded?

I keep having this or a similar problem.  Messages are marked to indicate that they will not be downloaded until eM Client is online when it is online and synchronising other items.  I can overcome this by stopping Em Client and restarting or by selecting and then deselecting  File:Work Offline.

I assume that the internet connection was temporarily unavailable when eM Client first tried to download the message and it does not retry when the connection is restored unless told explicitly.

I get a connection failure every time at startup which does the same thing.  I have to hit refresh then i get my gmail.

does this issue still happen even in the latest version of eM Client?
Please download the latest version of eM Client here -
Current version is 7.0.27744.0, you can check the full number of your current installation in Help>About section.
Please let us know.