some emails not displayed correctly

Some emails I receive in emClient are not displayed correctly.
The one today is from “Google Play Apps & Games Partner Newsletter”
This email has scroll bars and the content appears to be missing.  It displays correctly with other email clients.
Amy ideas?

I don’t have the explanation, but I have had a similar experience. My experience was also with a newsletter type of message. I started looking at messages in my inbox and realized the failed messages were using the same service (Awebber or ConstantContact I think, but forget which), while messages being sent using other services were coming through fine. It looks like there are one or more bulk emailing services out there that are using some code that eM Client isn’t handling correctly.

It’s kind of a bit odd that it shows up correctly in other email clients (thunderbird & outlook), but not eMClient, and also that the email is from Google (not exactly a small outfit with untested systems). Another email from LinkedIn had all the text incorrectly centre aligned (again it worked in other email clients)  The centre aligned issue looked like em Client doesn’t correctly set-up the HTML defaults for a HTML email, or there is a bug where it has some formatting carrying across from a previous email.  Oh well, looked promising, but a day into evaluating and there seem to be a few cracks appearing.

Okay, I was off a bit. I found my original post on the topic and remember now that my problem was only when I used eM Client to forward messages from certain organizations, that the message body would grow to an unreasonable width -

I started out using the Mozilla suite, then switched to Thunderbird at around version 2 and have stayed with it until a few months ago. I switched because I realized I needed to have my mail, contacts, calendar and to do list in one application on my computer and have all the data also available on a smart phone or other computers. eM Client connected to a Google account was the best method I could find short of being assimilated into the MS Outlook world.

I’ve been very happy with eM Client and have only had that one actual glitch. Every message that I’ve received for 4 months now (which would be around 2,000) has displayed correctly.

Ah - I remember reading your post prior to posting.  Let’s see if the emClient folks look into this.  It does seem like a nice solution for syncing contacts and calendars with Google.  Thunderbird calender handling is pretty bad, and this does seem a lot better.

Hello Dave,
you’ve mentioned you’re having issues with a Google Play newsletter? We’ve encountered issues with this specific newsletter multiple times and it has proven to be a formatting issue of the message. It however may also be due to the application core which we’re using, the application is built on .NET framework and is using some Internet Explorer’s core features, which can occasionally cause some additional issues that we’re unable to workaround.

But, please make a screenshot of the incorrectly formatted messages that you’re having issues with and submit the screenshot with the attached email to my email, for more information about the issue.

You can also submit the received HTML message in your message, to export the message to a .eml file, use the Forward as Attachment option or drag and drop the message onto a new message or your desktop etc.

Thank you.

Hi Paul, email is on it’s way.

Hello again Dave, thank you for the received data, eM client does indeed display the message incorrectly, but unfortunately it is again caused by an incorrect formatting of the message or incompatibility of the message with IE, we’ve checked the message with Windows Live Mail which also displays the message incorrectly formatted.

I’m sorry if this is causing any inconvenience, however we’re working on an upcoming release of eM Client 7 which will feature a new application core based on webkit, hopefully allowing us to resolve these issues, if they even occur.

Ok, any ETA on emClient 7?  I was looking for a replacement for outlook and thunderbird, both of which display the message correctly, so maybe I’ll hold off until then?

Version 7 is due to be released in Summer 2015.

ok, I’ll put a reminder to re-evaluate then.
Many thanks,