Some emails not being downloaded for several days from Gmail

For some reason, for the last year or so, some emails won’t download from Gmail for several days. As a result, I’ve had to start opening Gmail in my browser to confirm if there are any unready emails sitting on the server. Today, this occurred again - the email is sitting in my Gmail inbox, but won’t download to EM Client. I either have to wait until EM Client finally downloads it, or forward it to my self, or respond directly in Gmail. The forwarded email will download to EM Client, but the original will not download [usually] for a day or so. The emails that download don’t seem to have a pattern - no specific size, attachment/no attachment, from various senders, etc.

Running EM Client 7.2.37929.0
Windows 10 Pro 20H2

A good start might be upgrading to the last 7.2 version to see if that resolves your problem.

If not, then perhaps an upgrade to the latest 8.2 version might resolve the problem.

Yes apart from upgrading to the latest version as @sunriseal suggested, also suggest to try “repairing your Gmail account” in eM Client to resync your mail folders. See the following thread for info - Force download of message that hasn't downloaded

If still won’t sync / download your some Gmail messages after repairing or upgrading, then if you are using a normal IMAP Gmail acct setup in eM Client (Non POP), then remove your Gmail acct in eM Client and re-add / setup as new.

Note - Before Upgrading, Repairing or Removing your account, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”

Thanks cyberzork. I’ve backed up and repaired the account. Let’s see if this works - since this occurs occasionally, will probably be several weeks before I can be certain.
Thanks for both of your help.