some emails don't download/sync with gmail

I keep having intermittent issues where emails from gmail won’t download. Even after closing the program and restarting, the refresh still will not bring them in. I haven’t changed anything, I have it set to download all messages for offline use. I’m going to have to give up EMclient if it means I’m going to miss emails here and there. 

Are you getting any error messages?  If not, sometimes deleting the account and then reentering will clear up any issues…

I am getting some IMAP errors but when I check those settings, all seems fine and typically email seems to still come through. When you say delete account, how would I go about doing that? Unless you have suggestions on the IMAP settings. 

Could you post a screenshot of the errors?

Screenshots are attached. This is a newer install so I’m wondering if I should attempt to delete as you suggested or even try a new install altogether. It’s odd to me that it only happens sporadically. Maybe it’s a gmail thing?

Often when this happens, it is due to antivirus software, but since it is sporadic, I doubt that to be the case.  Occasionally, for intermittent connection issues, eM Client will timeout when trying to synchronize and throw the error, but will try again and succeed.  For this, you can just turn off the error messages, but it seems you do not get the messages at all, so this is no good either.

I would delete the account and start over.  To do this, go to menu/tools/accounts and click on the trash icon next to the account.  After deleting the account, click on the “+” to add back the account.

eM Client typically works flawlessly with Gmail, so I would not expect this to be an ongoing issue.

Before you do this, check to see that you have the correct imap settings (menu/tools/accounts/IMAP)

Port:  993
Security Policy:  Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Unfortunately that didn’t do it. I received an IMAP error right away upon adding back the account. I checked my virus protection and does show EMclient as a trusted app and all my IMAP settings are as you said they should be. Very very strange. 

I just reread your comments and it seems you are actually getting the emails.  I think it may be the timeout situation.  Unfortunately, the eM Client timeout parameter is not adjustable, so you may just want to turn off the error messages.  To do this, go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and in the “Operations window” section, un-check “Show window when error occurs”.

I would check your web client occasionally to ensure all the messages are coming through.