Some emails come in code

I have received emails from two separate sources that show in code, completely unreadable.
When I look at them on my online mail server, they are completely good, so I guess it’s eM Client that’s doing it.
I don’t use my cellphone for any emails, only my desktop.
Here is a brief cut-and-paste of the one that arrived today:

M<F%N<VET:6]N86PO+T5.CX"CQ(5$U,/CQ(14%$/@T*/$U%5$$@8V]N=&5NM=#TB=&5X="]H=&UL.R!C:&%R<V5T/5541BTX(B!H='1P+65Q=6EV/6-O;G1EM;G0M='EP93X-"CQ35%E,12!T>7!E/71E>'0O8W-S/@T*;VQ[;6%R9VEN.C [M<&%D9&EN9SHP?71A8FQE('1D+'1A8FQE('1H>W!A9&1I;F<Z,'TN8S)[8V]L

Any help will be greatly appreciated, as one of these senders is my online pharmacy.

In advance, many thanks.

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